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Do you have what it takes to be a member of the Terramar Tribe?

Terramar Sports 2013 Application: Brand Ambassador/Gear Review Program

To be considered for next year's Terramar Tribe Ambassador Program, please fill out this form and click "send" at the bottom!

Thank you for considering Terramar Sports! Please remember, no one is too big or too small of an athlete. We're simply looking for people with spirit, who love the outdoors, and who will represent the Terramar Tribe with pride and enthusiasm.

Zip Code:
Date of birth
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Share your bio with us in 200 words or less:

Please tell us what motivates you (200 words or less):

Have you ever been involved with any other Ambassador programs, if so which ones?

Please list outdoor activities you participate in and please specify if you have a primary sport or activity. (Note: please include activities you participate in each season) (camping, hiking, snowshoeing, x country skiing, snowboarding, climbing, fishing, etc.)

How often (times per week or month) do you partake in outdoor activities?

What Terramar products do you currently use (if any)?

Why are you interested in partnering with Terramar Sports?

What do you want to gain from this ambassador program? What would your goals be if you are accepted?

Where can we find you? How many followers do you have? (please include complete URLs – i.e. http://www.facebook.com/terramarsports)

Do you have a Klout Score?

How often are you on Facebook and how many posts do you generate in a given week?

How often are you on Twitter and how many tweets do you produce in a given week?

How often are you on Pinterest (if you have an account) and how many boards do you generate in a given week?

If you have a blog please tell us a little bit about it and how reviewing Terramar products may fit into your blog. (200 words or less)

If you were to become an Ambassador of Terramar Sports, how would you generate exposure for the Terramar Sports brand, products, and/or brand initiatives?

(Note: we realize this is a big, broad question! We just want to get a general idea of your strengths/outreach- i.e. inclusion in personal blog, raising Terramar's Facebook ,fans and twitter followers, word of mouth promotion, logo visibility, etc.)

What type of gear would you be looking to review from Terramar Sports? (please be as specific as possible!)

Please include any press coverage, photos, or additional information you feel appropriate.

Thank You!

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