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Terramar baselayer clothing is specifically engineered to enhance your outdoors experience, using the most innovative technology available. This is the philosophy behind our trusted Thermasilk® (pure natural silk), Body-Sensors® (thermal regulated performance baselayer) and Thermawool (superfine Merino wool) technologies.

TXO® is an advanced moisture and odor control technology that combines carbon with embedded Nano Minerals. The carbon attracts the microbes and fungi which produce odors and the Nano Minerals inhibits their growth. The result is is long lasting odor control. Carbon based yarn retains and radiates body heat back to the skin. The Nano Minerals are embedded permanently within the yarn itself and does not wash out. This is not a chemical or topical treatment, it's environmentally friendly, and it doesn't require any recharging.

Soft and natural Merino wool insulates to keep you warm and cozy - even when wet. The fabric acts as a complete heat exchange system, keeping you warm in extreme cold weather and cool when you become overheated. Beautiful fabric, itch-free and breathable.

Designed by scientists at Optimer, this blend of Merino wool and advanced polyester fibers provides optimum performance and cold weather comfort. The natural fibers absorb moisture, pulling it off the skin and into the fabric. Synthetic fibers repel moisture, forcing it to the surface of the garment, where it evaporates quickly.

Three decades ago, Terramar introduced pure Chinese silk underwear to the American market under the Thermasilk® brand. Today, we’re the world’s largest importer of silk and with good reason. Silk is nature’s perfect product. It’s lightweight, durable and comfortable. It’s a natural insulator and a renewable natural resource. Now, Terramar technology has made it even better - with pure and blended silk combinations engineered to keep you comfortable, no matter what Mother Nature has in store.

Climasense™ is a multi-level product line consisting of uniquely engineered garments that are either heat generating (HG) and/or thermal regulating (TR). Each garment is designed to provide comfort and optimal moisture and temperature management. Based on weight and specific HG or TR characteristics, Terramar assigns a warmth factor to every product allowing you to quickly select the right baselayer for any activity. TR provides a warm effect when you are cold and provides a cool effect when you are warm. HG technology features hollow core yarn which captures the body's heat and prevents warmth from escaping. The 4 levels are: a) 1.0 Trailhead TR b) 2.0 Thermolator TR c) 3.0 Ecolator TR and d) 4.0 Glacier Fleece HG/TR.