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Climasense 4.0 Glacier Fleece HG/TR

TW7869 Adult Reversible Beanie

Expedition weight Thermoregulation comfort technology. Feel great in all conditions

If you are cold "CS" provides a warm effect

If you are warm "CS" provides a cool efffect 

Inhibits the growth of bacteria that causes odor

Wicking, fast-drying, breathable and no itch

Retains heat and radiates heat back to the body

UPF rating 50+


70% Micro Polyester

30% Merino Wool


100% Micro Polyester

180 gsm


Available Colors:

Available Sizes:
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    Moves Moisture

    Odor Control

    Sun Protection

    Soft-No Itch for Wool

    Flame Resistant

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