Terramar was found in 1971 with the intention of finding speciality products from around the world. Products that would improve the experience of all outdoor enthusiasts, uniting them with mother nature in all of her glory. Our story began with importing oil wool sweaters from the UK, and in the later years, begin the first to import knitted silk baselayers from China. Throughout, we have taken inspiration from travel and the outdoors, focusing our expertise on baselayers - the layers that help make or break your comfort in the outdoors.
Terramar baselayers are engineered with purpose in mind, incorporating proprietary technology and fabrics. Throughout the course of our journey, we've kept our roots firmly planted, growing as we continue to enhance your experience in the great outdoors.
Our mission is to provide everyone with best in class baselayers, products that give you the freedom and confidence to explore life and nature without boundaries and on your own terms.
Our sole purpose is to encourage people to explore and discover the outdoors; To be an advocate and a voice for those who choose to be active, whatever their capacity; promoting and encouraging those who believe that people, community and experiences are at the center of our wellbeing.
At Terramar we don't just make baselayers. We imagine, design and produce baselayers for all the big and small moments that make being outdoors an experience worth sharing. This is why we come to work everyday. This is our purpose.





Our vision is to encourage people to rediscover and explore their innate connections - no matter the conditions - to the environment they live in and to the communities they belong to.
Giving Back
As part of Terramar's commitment to our community, we have partnered with Big City Mountaineers, an organization that provided under-resourced youth with opportunities to have transformative experiences in the outdoors.
Their wilderness expeditions bring kids out of their comfort zones and into the wild, where they develop the confidence needed for more promising futures.
Environmentally Conscious
At Terramar we aim to be conscientious about our impact on the health of our planet. From the integration of recycled materials and fabrics, to waterless dyes - right down to our own internal practices.
As a brand, our goal is to continue to take audit of what we do, and how we impact the needs of present and future generations to come.