Ambassador / Nate Gardner
I grew up running around the Northern Green Mountains of Vermont and still live in that area today. Professionally I am a ski instructor at Stowe Mountain Resort, and Examiner with the Professional Ski Instructors of America (PSIA) and a member of the PSIA Eastern Division Alpine Team. Personally, I'm a husband and father of two boys who I love introducing to the outdoors and living life outside. The most important thing to me is returning to my family each night or at the end of each trip.
Where do you find your outdoor
inspiration, in other words,
how did you "Find Yourself Outdoors"?
Skiing is a huge part of where I find myself outdoors, whether it be resort based Alpine and Cross-country skiing or getting out in the backcountry on alpine touring or nordic touring gear. Skiing is the vein of consistency in my life. Outside of ski season I do a lot of mountain biking and hiking around the woods.
Where and when were you the coldest you have ever been?
The coldest night of my life was spent on top of Mt. Mansfield in Vermont in January where I had to put every layer of clothing I had on and in my sleeping bag to just keep myself comfortable and safe.
Tips for staying warm when playing outside in the cold?
Layering with breathable wicking clothing is key to me staying warm. I prefer 3-5 layers that progressively get thicker over 1-2 big layers. It gives me the opportunity to adjust as my temp changes from warming up through the approach to the quick cool down when I stop for a prolonged period.
Favorite place to spend time outside?
Obviously the Northern Greens are my home and where I spend most of my time, but any place where I can get out and away from the noises made by man is a great place for me.
Bucket list trip you want to do?
There are definitely objectives that always peak my interest, but I think the trip I most want to take right now is to hop in my truck and drive around to all those little ski areas in the East to meet and ski with their instructors. You know those places without multi-million dollars base lodges and fancy heated bubble chairs, but I believe that is where a lot of the heart of skiing and ski teaching lives and I want to meet those folks.
What is your one piece of advice for people looking to aspire to their dreams?
I'm a huge believer in goal-setting to reach your dreams and setting small, accomplishable, goals for each trip, season, year, etc has been a big part of my success. But I also think you have to be open to other veins and directions because you may either find a new dream or that little tangent will develop new skills that you may not have thought of as part of your dream.
If you didn't follow your current career path, what would be your dream job instead?
It definitely would be in skiing in some way. I always knew that sport had my heart, but even within my current path there are so many opportunities and little side channels. I see my career as less of a funnel that started with a lot of possibilities and narrowed to my career and more of like a river delta that starts as a small stream and just spreads wider and wider.
Favorite piece of Terramar and why?
A Short Sleeve Transport Tee under a Performance Thermolater Half-Zip and the Performance Thermolater 3/4 Pant. On really cold days I'll likely follow that with a Merino Matrix Half-Zip.
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