Ambassador / Stephanie Barnhart
I am a single mom living in NYC who grew up on a farm in Western PA. From Pittsburgh originally and still hold on to my Yinzer roots. You will find me outdoors more than indoors depending on the weather - hiking, biking, running or snowboarding. I am mostly #plantbased, and when we are home, find joy in cooking and sharing meat-free meals and recipes with friends. I love city life too, and enjoy exploring all the nabes, restaurants, museums and other quirks that NYC offers.
Where do you find your outdoor
inspiration, in other words,
how did you "Find Yourself Outdoors"?
My inspiration is nature. I was always an outdoors person - but when I broke my arm last March right at the beginning of COVID it forced us to slow down, and give more time to just walk outdoors in PA and really see it. We both realized how nurturing it was to disconnect from the news, devices, and just be outside. We started to plan our days and school around getting outside, not the other way around.
Where and when were you the coldest you have ever been?
Probably the top of the Continental Divide in Colorado. Max was about 4 and we rode snowmobiles all the way to the very top! (have pics if you want). He never once complained and instead was singing the entire time (the guide was laughing) and looking for The Grinch. Thats when I knew his love for outdoor adventure was as strong as mine.
Tips for staying warm when playing outside in the cold?
I tell people all the time - it's all about the gear. You do not feel cold if you dress correctly. We can be outside for hours in single temps. Max never once complains. I think he did one time this year at the summit of Cannon Mountain because the windchill was below zero and his feet were cold (it was the first time we have added feet warmers and then he was fine!) - but nothing else was cold. Get your base layers on and you'll actually enjoy the cold!
Bucket list trip you want to do?
I grew up in Colorado, and we hope to get out west again soon (postponed this year due to COVID), but my real bucket list is to visit Iceland - it just looks incredible from the northern lights, to their recent volcano. And then ski/snowboard in Sweden and France.
What is your one piece of advice for people looking to aspire to their dreams?
Just try it. Get out there and do something for yourself. You don't want to look back and have a life of regrets. There are very few times I've said, wow, I really should have stayed home today instead of going snowboarding!
Favorite piece of Terramar and why?
4.0 Women's Genesis Heritage Pant
these will keep you warm no matter what and are the perfect base layer as they're still thin and not bulky so you can move easily. They also trap heat so if you're just sitting outside tailgating and not moving much during a Steelers game, they'll keep you warm as well as on the ski lift to the summit at Vail.
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